Our Plasma Donation Process

So, you want to donate plasma – that’s great news!

Here is a step-by-step guide to everything you need to know about our plasma donation process – start to finish.

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What to Expect
During Your Plasma Donation Appointment

Here’s what you can expect from start to finish.

01. Sign-in

When you arrive, please sign in at the front desk and present your government-issued photo, proof of residency (e.g., utility bill), and proof of social security.

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02. Health screening

All first-time and returning donors receive a health screening to ensure they are healthy enough to donate. We will check weight, blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and hemoglobin.

03. Health History Questionnaire

All donors will complete a health history questionnaire. This questionnaire helps PlasmaSource confirm you are in good physical health and meet all eligibility requirements.

PlasmaSource follows strict health and safety guidelines to ensure you are always safe and comfortable.

04. Physical Exam

All first-time donors receive a brief physical exam from one of our clinical registered nurses. This confidential physical exam is then required annually to ensure good health.

05. Donation

After we confirm your eligibility, one of our skilled team members will guide you to one of our plasmapheresis machines. These specialized machines collect your whole blood from a vein in your arm. The components of your blood are then separated.

The machine safely collects your plasma and returns your white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. The machine also adds a sterile saline solution to help you maintain healthy circulation and prevent dehydration. Our clinical RNs monitor you throughout the process to ensure you remain safe and comfortable.

06. Recovery

As a safety precaution, plan to stay at PlasmaSource for 15-20 minutes once you’ve completed your donation to ensure you feel well enough to travel. PlasmaSource also offers snacks and refreshments to help rehydrate and replenish your body.

07. Compensation

PlasmaSource pays every time you donate. After each donation, you will access a link to authorize the receipt of your payment through various digital options.

08. Schedule Your Next Appointment

Use our easy online booking system to set up your next or a series of appointments. Remember, you can donate up to two times in seven days as long as there are 48 hours between each donation.

The Process of Donating Plasma: Tips for First-Time Donors

Here are a few things you need to know about the plasma donation process as a first-time donor. These will help you have a more comfortable and relaxing donation experience.

  • Limit alcohol and caffeine intake, beginning a few days before your appointment
  • Begin eating protein- and iron-rich meals a few days before your appointment
  • Eat a healthy snack or meal a few hours before your appointment
  • Stay hydrated before, during, and after your appointment
  • Avoid nicotine within an hour of your appointment
  • Try to get about eight hours of sleep the night before your appointment
  • Gather all necessary information before your appointment (e.g., government-issued photo ID, proof of address, social security number, bank account information)
  • Dress comfortably, and be sure to wear a short-sleeved shirt (or one with sleeves that can be easily rolled above the elbow
  • Bring something to help pass the time (e.g., a book, podcast, music, coloring pages, or journal). Note: If you plan to use your smartphone for entertainment, please make sure it is fully charged before your visit.


Please note all first-time donations are tested to ensure they meet all regulatory requirements and are safe to use. As a first-time donor, we can only send your plasma to our healthcare partners once you’ve provided a second donation (within six months of your first donation).

If you do not return for a second donation within six months, our plasma donation process requires that we dispose of your first donation. If you choose to donate after six months of your first donation, you must repeat the physical exam and health history questionnaire.

If you’re a first-time donor, please review our comprehensive plasma donation requirements to ensure you meet our age, weight, and all other requirements.

Advice For Experienced Donors

Thank you for your repeat donation—it means so much to so many.

As you may already know, your plasma regenerates quickly, often within 48 hours if you stay hydrated. Because of this, you can donate twice in seven days (but no more than once in 48 hours).

To keep your “experienced donor” status, you must donate at least once every six months.

We encourage you to schedule your next appointment when you are eligible to donate again. If you are interested, you may also set up a series of visits to support the growing need for plasma and earn more money.

A nurse is preparing a patient for a plasma donation.

Ready to Get Started?

Are you interested in becoming a plasma and platelet donor? Contact our our plasma donation center in Aurora, IL to schedule an appointment today.