Paid Plasma Donation Near Aurora, IL

All plasma-derived therapies and medicines depend on donor plasma, which cannot be created in a lab.

That’s why your donations are vital—and it’s also the reason you get financially compensated to donate plasma at PlasmaSource.

Plasma and platelet donations have the power to save lives.

Your Donation Compensation Path

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Donate Source Plasma and Earn Over $700 in Two Months

Your Source Plasma donation pay potential increases the more you donate.

Eligible Source Plasma donors can safely donate every three days (up to twice in any 7-day period) as long as 48 hours have passed between donations.

If you schedule a series of donations, new donors can earn over $700 in two months.

New Donors

Donation #Payment $
02 BONUS if completed within 30 days of 1st plasma donation$50 +$50
08 Dependable Donor Bonus if completed within 56 days of 1st plasma donation$60 +$200
Total$710 over 8 Weeks!

After eight source plasma donations, donors may move on to one of two paths:

Dependable Source Plasma Donor

These 8-donation rounds will continue with each donation paying $60, and an additional $200 bonus upon completing every 8th plasma donation.

Donation #Payment $
16 BONUS if completed within 56 days of 9th plasma donation$60 +$200

Donate Platelets to Earn More

After the successful completion of eight source plasma donations, donors with ideal platelet characteristics will be asked to move into our platelet donation path.

Platelets can be given once every seven days.

There are four platelet donations in one platelet round.

Donation #Payment $
04 BONUS if completed within 56 days of 1st platelet donation$120 +$200

Referral Program

We encourage qualified plasma and platelet donors to refer friends and family to PlasmaSource. All qualified donors will receive a unique referral code.

Here’s how it works:

  • Share it with local* friends and family.
  • Earn a $100 bonus for each new referral to PlasmaSource. To qualify, referrals must enter your code when scheduling their appointment.
    Bonus payments are available 7-14 days after the referral’s first donation.
  • Track your impact: Referral donations will appear in your account.

Invite others to make a plasma donation and experience the PlasmaSource difference.

*PlasmaSource donors must live within a 20-mile radius of a PlasmaSource donation center.

Additional Ways You Can Earn with PlasmaSource

In addition to your paid plasma donations, we offer two ways to earn additional money.

  • Move from an Applicant to a Qualified Donor
    Earn a $50 bonus when you complete your second successful plasma donation within 30 days of your first. This will convert you from an applicant to a qualified donor.
  • Become a Dependable Donor
    If you consistently complete eight plasma donations within eight weeks, on your 8th donation, you will qualify for an additional $200 Dependable Donor Bonus.

As you can see, you can do good, feel good, and supplement your income with PlasmaSource in several ways.

Paid Plasma Donation Explained

Donor plasma is essential in the creation of therapies and medications that help treat cancer patients and those experiencing life-threatening conditions, injuries, or traumas.
The need for plasma is ongoing, and with the help of generous donors like you, we can support those who need it most—when they need it most.

Once the donation is complete, all donors will access a link to receive payment via several digital payment options, including a mobile wallet, direct bank account transfer, or a virtual card.

All blood plasma donation payments are sent electronically, and immediately after each donation, so you never have to worry about misplacing a debit card.

And your money is available for immediate use.

Donating Plasma for Money

People with rare or complex chronic diseases depend on your plasma donations to live their lives fully.

You can change the life of someone in your community with as few as two plasma donations.

However, scheduling time to donate your plasma once or twice a week can also help you achieve life-enriching goals, like:

  • Paying off student loans or other debts
  • Upgrading your phone
  • Taking a vacation
  • Shopping for thoughtful birthday, anniversary, and holiday gifts
  • Going back to school
  • Investing in your retirement
  • Saving for a rainy day
  • Self-care
  • And more

To get started with donating plasma for money and enriching the lives of those in need—as well as your own—learn about our donation process or schedule an appointment at PlasmaSource.

Schedule a donation today, earn money, and positively impact your community.

Ready to Get Started?

Are you interested in becoming a plasma and platelet donor? Contact our our plasma donation center in Aurora, IL to schedule an appointment today.