Our Approach

Do Good. Give Life. Get Paid.

At PlasmaSource, you get paid to donate plasma with an organization that values its donors and connects life-changing donations to patients in need.

Change Lives with Plasma Donations

The need for plasma donors has never been greater between the diminished supply and the growing demand for plasma-derived therapeutics.

Plasma-derived therapies are the only treatment option for some people with rare diseases or physical traumas.

Your generous plasma and platelet donations provide a reliable supply of life-changing support for medical emergencies, pharmaceutical derivatives, and research and development for disease prevention.

We Make Donating Safe

We provide a safe environment for donors to donate plasma while ensuring all donations meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

We Make Donating Easy

From start to finish, PlasmaSource makes donating easy. Once you confirm your eligibility with our easy-to-understand checklist, we make scheduling a snap.

We Make Donating Rewarding

Donating plasma and platelets is a rewarding experience—because you’re building a pathway for scientists, researchers, and physicians to provide life-changing therapeutics for those in need.

However, we recognize you’re also sharing your valuable time with us. That’s why we pay you for every donation, every time.

A woman is taking her blood pressure in a doctor's office.
A woman is getting her arm injected by a nurse.

We Make Donating Comfortable

We appreciate your generous donation of time and life-changing plasma. Each donation experience is tailored to your needs and your body to ensure safety and comfort.

Non-Invasive Health Screening

Before each donation, donors receive a free, non-invasive health screening, including blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and hemoglobin (Hb).


After your health screening, one of our skilled technicians will escort you to your donation station. Each station is equipped with free Wi-Fi and entertainment tablets.

Personal Entertainment & Comfort Items

You are also invited to bring something from home to help pass the time. A few ideas include a book, smartphone or tablet, headphones, adult coloring pages, or crossword puzzles.

If you are sensitive to cooler temperatures, we recommend bringing a small lap blanket to ensure your comfort during your visit.

Your plasma donations play a critical role in modern medicine. PlasmaSource is dedicated to advancing the science and technology of plasma collection, processing, and distribution to meet the growing needs of patients and healthcare providers in your community, across the United States, and around the globe.

Ready to Get Started?

Are you interested in becoming a plasma and platelet donor? Contact our our plasma donation center in Aurora, IL to schedule an appointment today.