The Benefits of Donating Plasma

Get paid, help those in need, and change lives.

Plasma donations have the power to change lives.

Plasma protein therapies are crucial for those living with rare diseases and chronic illnesses and those experiencing critical emergencies, physical traumas, and injuries.

Plasma donations may also support disease prevention research and facilitate the development of vital pharmaceutical derivatives to meet urgent medical and emerging industry needs.

Plasma and platelet donations have the power to save lives.

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Should I Donate Plasma?

Most donations are one-way. You give your time, or your money, to an important cause. But when you give plasma, there’s more. The good comes back. Because every donation earns you money for helping to change lives – it’s the donation that pays you.

At PlasmaSource, you will be treated with the respect and attention you deserve. We appreciate your generous donation of time, effort, and life-changing plasma.

If you decide to become a donor, your plasma can be used to help those struggling with liver disease, blood clotting deficiencies, or even cancer. Your plasma may also help those experiencing life-threatening shock due to trauma or extreme blood loss.

If you’re considering donating plasma but have questions like, “Why do people donate plasma,” we encourage you to read the benefits of donating plasma below.

Why Donate Plasma

When you donate plasma, you get paid, change lives, and feel good from the inside out. Here are four reasons to donate:

1. Get Paid

Eligible donors will receive compensation for their donation through our single- or multi-visit payment plan. At PlasmaSource, we pay you for every single donation. Donors are eligible to donate twice in any 7-day period as long as 48 hours have passed between donations.

2. Change Lives

In less than two hours, you can be a critical part of the process that results in lifesaving medicine for those in need—when they need it most.

Plasma cannot be created in a lab, so donors like you are critical for the continued development of much-needed plasma-derived therapies.

Cells in the bloodstream

The U.S. needs nearly 10,000 units of plasma every day.

Every year, it takes

1,200 plasma donations to make medicine for one patient with a bleeding disorder.

900 plasma donations to make medicine for one patient with a protein deficiency that increases their risk for lung and other diseases.
453 plasma donations to make medicine for one patient with a rare neuroinflammatory disorder.

130 plasma donations to make medicine for one immunocompromised patient.

3. Feel Good

Research shows that helping others is linked to greater emotional well-being and health. In fact, donating blood, plasma, or platelets has been linked to positive health outcomes, including a lower risk for depression, an overall happier outlook on life, and greater longevity.

4. Boost Health

Becoming a regular plasma donor can also be a catalyst for better health. Not only does donating plasma make you more aware of your diet, but we also encourage donors to stay hydrated and eat nutritious foods rich in iron, protein, and vitamin C.

Eating well supports your immune system, helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and helps donations go more smoothly. A healthy body also replenishes lost fluids more quickly, helping you feel good from the inside out.

Schedule a donation today, earn money, and make a positive impact in your community.

When you donate through PlasmaSource, you can rest easy knowing your donations are collected, processed, and transported with the utmost care. When you become a PlasmaSource donor, your health and safety are our top priorities. We follow strict health and safety protocols recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Our highly skilled, experienced specialists, combined with leading-edge safety protocols and state-of-the-art technologies, ensure your lifesaving donation gets to the people who need it most.

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of donating plasma, like getting paid, making a feel-good difference, and improving your overall health, keep reading to learn more about our donation process, or schedule an appointment today.

Ready to Get Started?

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