Plasma for Hemophilia Treatment

Donating plasma at PlasmaSource can help people with serious diseases, genetic disorders, and acute injuries.

Plasma, rich in clotting factors, is a crucial treatment for hemophilia.

What Is Hemophilia?

Hemophilia is a rare genetic bleeding disorder. It primarily affects men, though women can be carriers.

In normal blood, proteins called clotting factors are present in the plasma in specific amounts. These factors interact with platelets to form a blood clot at a cut or injury site.

Those with hemophilia have a deficiency in one of two clotting factors in their blood—factor VIII (hemophilia A) or factor IX (hemophilia B). This deficiency can lead to prolonged bleeding after injury, surgery, or even minor trauma. They may even develop spontaneous bleeding without an apparent injury.

Hemophilia can be disabling. Those living with it often need to take special precautions to avoid dangerous bleeding, such as abstaining from certain sports, activities, and medications.

Children with hemophilia may need protective equipment and careful monitoring to prevent dangerous bleeding during ordinary activities. What may be an uneventful bump or fall for most may be life-threatening for someone with hemophilia.

How Plasma-Based Therapies Treat Hemophilia

Plasma-derived clotting factors are a key therapy in treating hemophilia A and B.

Plasma from healthy donors can be processed to isolate clotting factors VIII and IX. The resulting product is carefully treated to prevent disease transmission.

Regular transfusions of the appropriate factor into the veins of those with hemophilia A or B can supplement their deficiency, helping prevent prolonged or dangerous bleeding.

Because hemophilia is a chronic disease, an ample supply of donor plasma is critical. Treating someone with hemophilia for just one year can require more than 1,200 plasma donations.

How Can You Provide Plasma for Hemophilia Patients?

We invite you to consider donating plasma with PlasmaSource. Your generous donations can help provide life-changing treatment for those living with hemophilia and other chronic conditions.

Our highly trained experts provide a safe and comfortable donation experience and reimbursement for your time and effort.

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